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Ancient of Days is a really interesting and unique business specializing in rare rocks and fossils, beautiful gems, minerals and Christian supplies. It's such a pleasure wandering through their store or website to see these stunning treasures of the earth as well as fascinating learning about them. A family owned business since 2012, Ancients of Days are the leading authority on rocks, fossils, gems & minerals in the area and are happy to share their knowledge - even providing tips where to hunt and dig for your own in New Mexico and West Texas!

Whether you're a collector, looking for a beautiful decorative home accessory, introducing kids to this fascinating field or wanting to buy a unique gift, Ancients of Days should be your first stop! Customer 5-Star review descriptions: "great collection, fun place, knowledgeable, awesome 1 of a kind gifts, unbelievable assortment, friendly, amazing customer service, great experience, super helpful, great people!" We pulled a few google reviews that represent the overall sentiment about Ancients of Days:

Wonderful shop. Wide variety of spectacular rocks crystals, and minerals. Friendly staff, super helpful and also very informative on details and stories for every product.
What a wealth of geology. Don's collection of minerals, crystals, gems and petrified wood is almost as incredible as his kindness and willingness to share his knowledge with customers. Anyone visting Rosswell should take the time to visit this establishment!
What a great store! Staff was very friendly and informative. GREAT prices! Many varieties of gems and minerals to choose from. A must see!
Knowledgeable, kind owner with a huge variety of stones, geodes, precious metals and fossils. Make sure to stop in to crack your own geode. He cut one of the geodes for us and then let us crack the rest ourselves. 10/10 experience, couldn't recommend enough.

Support for FORA

Friends of Roswell Animals would like to extend our complete gratitude to Ancients of Days in Roswell for continually fundraising in their store to help us move forward with our mission to save and improve the lives of Roswell animals! Fundraisers like these help FORA continue to help pups and kitties with difficult medical conditions and eventually find their happily ever after homes! We are so very appreciative to have the support of Roswell's Ancients of Days and are eternally grateful to this "cool" place of business. The rescued pups and kitties recommend you stop in and see what they have to offer!!

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